Engineering & Test Lab

At the heart of CWI's manufacturing capability lies our Engineering and Test Lab.The CWI leading edge test lab with more than 30 different testing machines is designed to provide advanced testing used in the new product development process as well as performing statistical parametric and function testing of products coming off the assembly line.The CWI lab if fully equipped with the following testing capability.

  • • Life Cycle Testing
  • • Flow Rate Testing
  • • CASS & NSS
  • • Plating Thickness
  • • Water Sense
  • • Anti-Siphon Testing
  • • Water Prossure Testing
  • • Drop Testing
  • • Load Capacity
  • • Compression and Burst Strength
The CWI Test Lab is designed to ensure 100% compliance with our customer's specifications as well as ensure our products meet or exceed industry certification standards.